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Moving towards a ban on Landmines - Sen. Patrick Leahy. Rutland Herald - May 20, 2010

Senators Leahy And Feinstein Introduce Bill To Reduce Cluster Munitions’ Danger To Innocent Civilians  - February 12, 2009

Letter to Obama Administration from 67national organizations, requesting a review of U.S. Policy on landmines and cluster bombs - February 10, 2009

Cluster Munitions Coalition Newsletter - January 2009


 WBUR's Here and Now - Feeling the Pain in Laos  BBC's Jill McGivering's story on the impact of UXO in Laos. Aired June 11, 2009. Webcast



Leahy Leads charge against landmines WCAX - May 19, 2010




Legacies of War  was created to raise awareness about the history of the Vietnam War-era bombing in Laos, to provide space for healing the wounds of war and to create greater hope for a future of peace.  


Cluster Munitions Coalition The Cluster Munition Coalition is an international civil society campaign working to eradicate cluster munitions, prevent further casualties from these weapons and put an end for all time to the suffering they cause. The Coalition works through its members to change the policy and practice of governments and organizations towards these aims and raise awareness of the problem amongst the public.



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Leahy Urges U.S. To Sign Landmine Treaty VPR May 18, 2010 Listen....











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