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Last Ghost of War. Directed by Janet Gardner and produced by Ms. Gardner and Pham Quoc Thai. In the Last Ghost of War we meet victims who are plaintiffs in a class action suit against the 32 chemical companies that produced Agent Orange. Attorneys, scientists, activists, and an Air Force historian shed light on the question faced by the court - were these herbicides chemical weapons? And if so who should be held accountable. 57 Min. To order a copy for personal use contact shammond@warlegacies.org or the educational distributors Center for Asian American Media and the Filmmakers Library.  

Agent Orange: Thirty Years Later Written and Directed by John Trinh. An award winning drama-documentary about the victims of Agent Orange 30 years after the Viet Nam War. The film tells the story of several victims of Agent Orange - from the North to the South of Viet Nam - who were exposed to the substance when it was sprayed during the war.  (2008) 56 Min. Distributed by ITN Distribution.         Trailer

The Friendship Village Directed by Michelle Mason, an award-winning 50-minute documentary about an international group of veterans who built a village in Viet Nam for children with Agent Orange-related disabilities. Available at US Committee of the Vietnam Friendship Village  http://www.vietnamfriendship.org or Bullfrog films http://www.bullfrogfilms.com/catalog/fv.html

Friendship Village: A Place of Healing  Directed by William "Bill" Bacon III Focuses on the US veterans who have volunteered at the Vietnam Friendship Village Available at the US Committee of the Vietnam Friendship Village  http://www.vietnamfriendship.org

Battle’s Poison Cloud: Directed by Cecile Trijssenaar of Tambuti Films,  Exams the birth defects issue in Viet Nam related to Agent Orange exposure and recent scientific research including research undertaken by Hatfield Consultants Ltd. Available in video stores and on-line book stores such as Amazon.com.

Da Cam A Vietnamese - American returns to Vietnam to document the tales of those who are believed to have been affected by Agent Orange. After three months in Vietnam, he and his camera have successfully captured the beautiful and peaceful images of his homeland which greatly contrast the images of the forgotten victims of the Vietnam war, those suffering from Agent Orange. Available from the director Vu Tran at http://www.dacam.org/contact.html  

Agent Orange: The Last Battle illustrates the plight of two American Vietnam Veterans (Richard and Tony) who are dealing with life after being exposed to Agent Orange. The Veterans recount stories of being sprayed on and how they survived one war and now are fighting one last battle. The Battle with Agent Orange. Available at http://www.agentorangefilm.com/4436.html

Vietnam: The Secret Agent  - Jacki Ochs  (1983)  The first comprehensive look at dioxin, the contaminant of domestic herbicides and in the defoliant code named Agent Orange during the Vietnam War. Soon to be re-released in DVD.     http://www.humanarts.org/order/index.html


Let Us Spray - Story of 2, 4 - D and 2,4,5-T production and the dioxin contamination around a factory in New Zealand.  - TV3 Production.


Films Distributed by WLP:

A Story from the Corner of the Park: Directed by Vietnamese director Tran Van Thuy. A beautifully directed film that tells the story of a Vietnamese family in Hanoi, Vietnam whose children are believed to be affected by Agent Orange. (1996, 50 Min)

Vietnam: Where the War has Passed: Directed by Vu Le My of the National Documentary and Scientific Film Studio, Hanoi . An award winning film about the affects of Agent Orange on Vietnamese Veterans and their children. (30 Min)

The Vietnam War: An Unrecoverable Wound produced by the Vietnam Red Cross Agent Orange Victims Fund

Contact shammond@warlegacies.org to order a copy. 


Films in Production:


"A Permanent Mark: Agent Orange in America and Viet Nam"  Director: Holly Million. A documentary that fully integrates the story of Americans exposed to Agent Orange with the story of Vietnamese people still contending with the toxic herbicide.  While A Permanent Mark is about events that have their origin in the Vietnam War, the film deals with universal themes of war that are relevant today. A Permanent Mark shows that war persists, long after we declare “mission accomplished.”

Through Their Eyes Director: Jackie Chang. A documentary about the current unsettling situation of Agent Orange in Vietnam. It follows an extended journey in Vietnam of a Chinese-Vietnamese American filmmaker. She visits families affected by the dioxin poisoning from the Agent Orange herbicide, as well as a good number of Vietnamese unaffected citizens (doctors, activists, scientists, etc) who are bettering the situation through their work. 

Gagetown: Canada's Dirty Secret -Director: Daniel Feighery -  Shines a light on the story of CFB Gagetown, the second largest military training facility in Canada. The base was sprayed with over 3,000,000 liters of Agent Orange, Agent Purple, and Agent White over a 28 year period from 1956 to 1984.



"INVISIBLE CHILDREN: The Third Generation of Agent Orange Children in Vietnam" by Marilyn M. Tycer. "Invisible Children" explores the lives of 45 children at the Peace Village II in HCM City, Viet Nam who are affected by the Vietnam War-era herbicide Agent Orange.  Available at Amazon.com or at  Createspace.

  The History, Use, Disposition and Environmental Fate of Agent Orange  By Alvin Young (April 2009)  This book was commissioned by The Office of the Deputy Under Secretary of Defense (Installations and Environment) with the intent of providing documentation of the knowledge on the history, use, disposition and environmental fate of Agent Orange and its associated dioxin.

Agent Orange: Collateral Damage in Viet Nam Collection of photos and essays by Philip Jones Griffiths on the health and environmental impacts of Agent Orange in Vietnam and Cambodia.


  Waiting for an Army to Die: The Tragedy of Agent Orange - by Fred A. Wilcox  

  Purchase a copy from WLP for $15.00 and all proceeds will go to VAVA


Agent Orange on Trial - Peter Schuck




The Dioxin War: Truth and Lies about the Perfect Poison - Robert Allen 




Agent Orange in the Vietnam War: History and Consequences -

Prof. Dr. Le Cao Dai (published in Vietnam)


Disposition of the Air Force Health Study -Committee on the Disposition of the Air Force Health Study - National Academy of Sciences - Available in paperback or downloadable PDF from http://newton.nap.edu/catalog/11590.html#toc


Dioxins and Health - by Arnold Schecter and Thomas A. Gasiewicz






Veterans and Agent Orange provides a comprehensive evaluation of scientific and medical information regarding the health effects of exposure to Agent Orange and other herbicides used in Vietnam. Available on-line at NAS. Previous volumes of the biennial series are also available.


Trespass Against Us: Dow Chemical & the Toxic Century - Jack Doyle




Dioxin, Agent Orange: The Facts by Michael Gough (April 1986)



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