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What you can do to Help


Contact WLP for more information on how to do the following:



  • Tell your friends and family about the issue.

  • Tell us about organizations we can contact to host a talk or video screening, and introduce us if you can. Places of worship, community groups, environmental groups, groups with an interest in public affairs, schools….

  •  Let us know about public events where we might put a poster or a table with information, and let us know if you could staff such a table


Write a letter

  •  to your congressional representatives supporting dioxin remediation and health care efforts in Vietnam

  • to your congressional representatives supporting health care for US veterans

  • to the chemical companies

  • to the people of Vietnam (send it to us—we’ll see that they get it)

  • sign up to be notified when there is congressional action to support



  • Host a conversation, talk, or video screening in your home, community or religious group, school. In appropriate situations, make it a goal to help at least one family as a result of that gathering (see possibilities below).

  • Help organize a constituent group to meet with your congress people on this issue

  • Help organize a group to meet with local businesses doing business in Vietnam

  • Find gallery space for an exhibit on Agent Orange and the legacies of war

  • Raise funds for a family or a village



  • To War Legacies Project to help us continue our work or visit our Projects Page to learn more about some of our programs in Viet Nam.

  • Or visit the website of one of the other American organizations that also have programs and donate to their work that supports:

           American Veterans

                  Vietnamese Citizens



  • The possibility of joining a “voluntourism” trip to Vietnam that would engage with Agent Orange victims in conversation and service

  • Going on a youth group trip to learn and work in Vietnam


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