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Assessment of Educational and Health Needs for Children and Youth with Disabilities Identified as Affected by Agent Orange / Dioxin  - Catholic Relief Services Vietnam (Sept. 2007)


People with Disabilities in Viet Nam: Findings from a Social Survey in Dong Nai, Quang Nam, Da Nang and Thai Binh Institute of Social Development Studies. Hanoi. December 2007




Vietnamese Organizations:

Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment - Committee 33: Vietnamese steering committee that is tasked with assisting the Prime Minister tin activities that will help overcome the consequences of toxic chemicals/dioxin used by US during war in Viet Nam.

Vietnam Association for Victims of Agent Orange/Dioxin (VAVA): Formed  at the end of 2003 in Hanoi by a group of Vietnamese doctors and others who have been advocating for more assistance to Vietnamese who are believed to be suffering from exposure to Agent Orange. VAVA provides services to Agent Orange impacted individuals throughout Vietnam. VAVA has filed suit against the the US producers of Agent Orange on behalf of Vietnamese plaintiffs. 

Hue University Office of Genetic Counseling and Disabled Children provides vital assistance to sick and disabled children and their families in Central Vietnam and the Central Highlands including surgery for congenital heart defects and birth defects, education and training for children with disabilities. 

The Agent Orange Victim's Fund coordinated by the Vietnam  Red Cross provides services individuals and families who have are believed to be impacted by Agent Orange.   See also the Agent Orange Victims Fund Flyer (pdf).

International Non-Governmental Organizations:

Children of Viet Nam:  An American NGO, founded in 1998, dedicated to providing aid to disadvantaged children in Vietnam. Their Hope System of Care eases the suffering and expands the horizons of children with disabilities in Hai Chau District of Da Nang City, including those who may have been affected by Agent Orange/dioxin. The Hope System of Care uses a care plan that is written for each child that includes one or a combination of the following: education or vocation scholarships, surgeries (orthopedic, heart, eye, etc.), assistive aides (wheelchairs, prosthetics, hearing aides, glasses), medicine, therapy, housing with indoor accessible bathroom facilities, and/or support for the parent to earn a living.

The Danang/Quang Nam Fund, Inc an American NGO that provides direct aid to to the poorest of poor in Da Nang City and Quang Nam province in central Vietnam including those who are believed to be affected by Agent Orange. They have been collecting letters of Vietnamese who have been affected by Agent Orange and putting them in an archive on their website.

The Ford Foundation Special Initiative on Agent Orange Since 2000, the Ford Foundation has been committed to addressing the impact of dioxin on post-war Vietnam.  In 2007, they established a special initiative to foster dialogue, fund research, and find durable solutions to dioxin-related health and environmental issues. The effort also promotes understanding of the Agent Orange legacy through public education within the United States. As part of this effort, the foundation supports the work of the U.S.-Vietnam Dialogue Group on Agent Orange/Dioxin, a bipartisan, non-governmental panel of distinguished policy makers, scientists, and nonprofit and business leaders.

The Vietnam Friendship Village Project  cultivates reconciliation and heals the wounds of the Vietnam War by uniting veterans and caring citizens through international cooperation in the building and support of the Village of Friendship, a living symbol of peace.  There are chapters in the US, Canada, Germany and Australia that raise funds for the work of the Vietnam Friendship Village outside of Hanoi for handicapped children and their families.

Advocacy Campaigns:

Vietnam-Dioxin.org Created at the initiative of the young Vietnamese of France and of Vietnam, the Vietnam-Dioxin Collective is a gathering of people and organizations whose goal is to participate in an international campaign of inform public opinion and raise awareness on the continuing effects of the massive use of herbicides and pesticides (of which the infamous "Agent Orange") in Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos between 1961 and 1971.

Agent Orange Relief and Responsibility Campaign: an initiative of U.S. veterans, Vietnamese Americans and all concerned about peace and justice. The campaign asks that the US government honor its moral and legal responsibility to compensate the Vietnamese victims of Agent Orange.





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